Post Malone - I Like You (A Happier Song) Lyrics

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I Like You (A Happier Song) Lyrics

I Like You (A Happier Song) Info:

• "I Like You (A Happier Song)" is a song by American rapper and singer Post Malone, featuring vocals from fellow American rapper and singer Doja Cat.

• It was sent to US contemporary hit radio as the third single from Malone's fourth studio album, Twelve Carat Toothache, on June 7, 2022.

• "I Like You (A Happier Song)" is a pop, R&B, and pop rap song, in which the "radio-ready" song was compared to the music of Malone's previous collaborator, Canadian singer Justin Bieber. Lyrically, the "neon funhouse duet" is about a love interest that has them not worrying about their internal struggles. However, Malone received backlash for referring to "good" women as "hoes" in the song.

• The song debuted at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100, giving Malone his eleventh top-10 hit on the chart and Doja Cat her sixth.

From the Album:
Twelve Carat Toothache

June 7, 2022

Pop, R&B, pop rap, Hip hop


Austin Post, Amala Dlamini, Louis Bell, Jasper Harris, William Walsh

Bell, Harris

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