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PM Dawn Lyrics

Plastic Lyrics
Prince sing another song, its written on your face,
Instead I put pressure on the whole damn place,
I never liked running through the crowd with no proof,
So now I gotta flex in the steps of the truth,
Forever hearing Prince has to stick to his kind,
Prince make a love song about a tech 9,
I thought Prince Be had to be Prince Be
Yet they wanna riff when they find I disagree
With that dog eat dog, I'm a get mine
Even if I'm stepin on your frame of mind
You can ring things where the ringin' things at.
But Prince Be thinks its widdack
So now I'm accused of spikin' the punch
And I'll be the scapegoat for fakin' the funk
But when they set up another prince time beef
What's hard at first, but melts in the heat, they call that Plastic

( chorus )
What, Plastic ya'll , plastic, what plastic ya'll
( repeat )
shake it up over here

Lord, what they wanna serve me now
a cup of dried rainbows and a dark cloud
You wanna picture me as you well, no way.
See I'm into innovations OK
Don't you know they itchy itchy me
When they itchy itchy you
Passin off the mic through the kissy kissy crew
What else can display through a mind that's foul.
Can the politics show you how, come on now...
I refused to be used as an under cover clone
Or even bad to the bone
Nocturna caps an "Uh oh" persona
That calculate traits that do what you wanna what...
Tic toc me for the crazy fliz
Do you really want to know what a sellout is
Did you ever see a feather that could break a nut
They melt every time you heat'em up
Because they're

( chorus )

I don't know hip hop, what's this?
What's this? See what I'm sayin...
Save the snakes because you can't find me.
You treat me right I'll be good to you
Whatever's clever for the scapegoat's toys
The most superficial, sacrificial, interincarnational costume ever
And that's called plastic...And that's foul
I'll be the sellout, and that's foul
I'll be the wick wick wack, and that's foul
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