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My Own Personal Gravity Lyrics
No, there ain't nothing special 'bout my life, my egoism is so not,
But oh so comfortably confusion ins my life, pleased to meet you baby, baby,
'Cause I've got infinity to bring me a little paradise.....there you are to kiss me,
Must you always live right now? But I always see you right in the middle of
everybody's life, singing everybody wants me there, but everybody
wants to put me down

What could be lonely 'bout you? What could be lonely 'bout you baby?
You're immaculately touched, and they love you that much,
Whatever's lonely bout you only makes me totally convinced that
my own personal gravity serves me well.

Why am I always misinterpretting my guilt? My happiness makes me sad sometimes,
And I'm no guardian angel but I can loan you mine,
They're tickling all my precious depressions

So melancholy's bringing me a little of what he calls paradise,
I'm bored with my elation, it humors me to tears sometimes,
But always manages to put a little hickey on everybody's mind
Why does everybody want me here, but no one here can give me reasons why.


Why do I do everything "dis" integration likes? I'm grieving with my patience's patience,
and all constant information tells me one wants to put me down here
but everyone was dumb enough to come.

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