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Life Goes On Lyrics
When the game seems like it's got you down and out
All you have to do is pick yourself up off the ground
'Cause life goes on
And when he calls you and your time has come to pass
It really makes no sense for you to even carry on

Tell me why you're making excuses for your life
You gotta live it... you gotta do it
It ain't so hard to be the best that you can be
Life's full of hard times, but you can make it through it

So hold on tight to your peace of mind
Let negativity flow out like the tide
Be prepared for a bumpy ride
Close the chapters in your past
Or you won't know how the story ends

[repeat chorus]

Why ya wanna try and keep me down?
Always tryin' to trip on me
Misery loves company
I've made many mistakes in my life
Take the good times with the bad
That's the way to unlock your dreams

Your every wish can be your destiny
And you can take them further than the eye can see
It doesn't matter what they mean to me
Close the chapters in your past
Or you'll never know how the story ends

[repeat chorus]

Hold you head up high
Take control of your life
Never let it pass you by
You're bound to fail if you don't try
It's time that you get on your way
And find yourself a brighter day
And if you ask me what I think
This is what I'll say
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