Pete Seeger - The Calendar Lyrics

Pete Seeger Lyrics

The Calendar Lyrics
May, May, the flowers bloom;
A June wedding, an empty room.
July was very warm-O
Li-lo, lullo, li-lo.

August, we beat the heat
Fled the suburb for the beach
September bought a car-O
Li-lo, lullo, li-lo.

October, red and gold
November, turning cold
December 'round the tree-O
Li-lo, lullo, li-lo.

New Year brought the snow
Next month, skiing we did go
March, my God, how the wind did blow
Li-lo, lullaby-O.

April, cruel sweet April
Now they present to us the bill
For the burning of the children
For the burning of the children,
Li-lo, lulla-bye-O.

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