Pete Seeger - Deliver The Goods Lyrics

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Deliver The Goods Lyrics
It's gonna take everybody to win this war,
The butcher and the baker and the clerk in the store,
The guys who sail the ships and the guys who run the trains,
And the farmer raising wheat upon the Kansas plains.

[Chorus after each verse:]
The butcher, the baker, the tinker and the tailor,
We'll all work behind the soldier and sailor,
We're working in the cities, we're working in the woods,
We'll all work together to deliver the goods.

I got a new job and I'm working overtime,
Turning out tanks on the assembly line,
Got to crank up the factories like the president said,
Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

I bet this tank will look mighty fine,
Punching holes in Mr. Hitler's line,
And if Adolf wakes up after the raid,
He'll find every piece of shrapnel says "Union made."

From New York City to 'Frisco Bay,
We're speeding up production every day,
And every time a wheel goes 'round,
It carries Mr. Hitler to the burying ground.

Now me and my boss we never did agree,
If a thing helped him, then it didn't help me,
But when a burglar tries to bust into your house,
You stop fighting with the landlord and throw him out.

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