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Andorra Lyrics
[Chorus after each verse:]
I want to go to Andorra, Andorra, Andorra,
I want to go to Andorra, it's a place that I adore,
They spent four dollars and ninety cents
On armaments and their defense,
Did you ever hear of such confidence?
Andorra, hip hurrah!

In the mountains of the Pyrenees
There's an independent state,
Its population five thousand souls,
And I think they're simply great.
One hundred and seventy square miles big
And it's awfully dear to me.
Spends less than five dollars on armaments,
And this I've got to see.

It's governed by a council,
All gentle souls and wise,
They've only five dollars for armaments
And the rest for cakes and pies.
They didn't invest in a tommy gun
Or a plane to sweep the sky,
But they bought some blanks for their cap pistols
To shoot on their Fourth of July.

They live by the arts of farm and field
And by making shoes and hats,
And they haven't got room in their tiny land
For a horde of diplomats;
They haven't got room in their tiny land
For armies to march about,
And if anyone comes with a war budget
They throw the rascals out.

I wandered clown by the Pentagon
This newspaper clipping in hand
I said, "I want to see everyone
In McNamara's band."
I said, "Look what they did in Andorra,
They put us all to shame.
The least is first, the biggest is last,
Let's get there just the same."

The general said, "My dear boy,
You just don't understand.
We need these things to feel secure
In our great and wealthy land."
I said, "If security's what you need
I'll buy a couch for you,
A headshrinker is cheaper and quicker
And a damn site safer too."

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