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Adam The Inventor Lyrics
Early in the morning,
Just as the sun was rising
Adam started inventing things,
And the results were surprising.

Later in the morning
The sun was getting higher.
Adam made a discovery,
He learned to handle fire.

Invented spears, invented guns,
Invented arrow and bow;
And what is it now he's going to invent?
I'm not sure I want to know.

Invented language, invented words,
Invented alphabets.
But when it comes to communicating,
Sometimes he was deaf.

Conquered desert, conquered ice,
Conquered ocean and shore,
Conquered every animal beside himself,
Then Adam invented war.

Adam, brilliant Adam,
So brilliant, you're made blind,
Inventing some new kind of world,
With no place for mankind.

Stomp your foot, we've got one earth,
One big red apple to share,
All around us one ocean of water,
And just one ocean of air.

Can we break the grip of this Dance of Death?
Can this world be released?
Will Adam's children, the young inventors,
Will they now invent peace?

Now some will scoff and some will scorn,
But what makes them so certain?
Adam's children might surprise us all,
And build anew the Garden.

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