Parmalee Lyrics

Parmalee Lyrics
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From the Album Girl In Mine (2023) (buy at
Girl In Mine
Girl In Mine

From the Album For You (2021) (buy at
For You
For You
Just The Way
Backroad Girl
Take My Name
I Do
Miss You
Greatest Hits
Better With You
Forget You
Alone Like That
I See You
I'll Take The Chevy

From the Album Just the Way [feat. Blanco Brown] (2021) (buy at
Just the Way
Just the Way

From the Album Feels Like Carolina (2013) (buy at

Musta Had A Good Time
Day Drinkin'
Close Your Eyes
Think You Oughta Know That
Back In the Day
My Montgomery
Already Callin' You Mine
I'll Bring the Music
Another Day Gone

Parmalee Info:

Parmalee is an American country music band consisting of brothers Matt Thomas and Scott Thomas along with their cousin Barry Knox and Josh McSwain who is a best friend since childhood. -Wikipedia

Parmele, North Carolina


Years active:

Name Origin:
The bandÂ’s name was derived from the small southern town of Parmele, NC, located a couple miles from their hometown, where they started creating music together in a small barn known as Studio B.

Barry Knox
Josh McSwain
Matt Thomas
Scott Thomas

Tour Dates:

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