Naked Eye Lyrics by Luscious Jackson

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Luscious Jackson

Naked Eye Lyrics
it's not a choice i tried to make
it's not a thought i couldn't take
something told me it was time
to give you yours and leave me mine
my vision started to be clear
i watched the sunlight coming near
i knew the day i knew the night
i knew i could regain my sight
and it feels alright x2

with my naked eye
i saw all the falling rain
coming down on me
with my naked eye
i saw all if i said it all
i could see

last night i came into your home
to break some ice and throw some stones
i asked if we could be alone
i had some troubles of my own
knew i had to say goodbye
to all the old things held inside
if i let the moment fly
i knew they'd all be magnified

and it feels alright x2


came around after dark
you are nothing but a lark
know i snuck in like a narc
i knew i had to leave my mark
wanted to be satisfied
i tried to be dignified
wearing nothing is divine
naked is a state of mind

and it feels alright x2


it feels alright x9
Writer: Cunniff, Jill
Copyright: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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