New York Dolls - Frankenstein Lyrics

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Frankenstein Lyrics
Something must have happened over Manhattan
Who can expound all the children this time
Could they ever, could they ever
Expect such a Frankenstein, Frankenstein
I remember when you were jammin'
You worked at 'em and any of them
There was never nothing you would eve understand
But you know who was there to be your master
Making his demands and plans
As though he's making his friends
And when those plans they don't mix your style
You get a feeling of your own ordeal
That's when he starts calling you, wow
Bud, you just don't know what to do
So now you come around here
And you're trying to take over the town
Just because of back home, baby
Oh, he puts you down
Oh, baby, how he puts you down
I know they put you down

So now, you're off starting 'round here
Here you ask and demand
In a place where they don't expect nothing
You're trying not to dirty your hands
When asking you as a person
Is it a crime, is it a crime
For you to fall in love with Frankenstein
Is it wrong, could it be wrong
Wrong, baby, don't you want a friend
Cause you're trying to be so selective
You never realize the whole time
Who's the one you're loving
Misunderstood like a Frankenstein
And down, down, down, just go just down
Like Frankenstein, like Frankenstein

So now you're telling me
What everytime you can get down home
Well don't you know there's place, it is my home
So where am I gonna go
You know, when you don't expect nothing
You know, when you're not alone, you know you're not alone
Cause something must have happened over them higher
Who can expound all the children this time
Could you ever, could you ever
Expect such a Frankenstein, Frankenstein, Frankenstein

And all this shoes are too big
And house jacket's too small
How you don't know Frankenstein, a Frankenstein
We're asking yu as a person
Is it a crime, is it a crime
For you to fall in love in with Frankenstein
Wrong, could it be wrong
Baby, don't you want a friend
Well, Frankenstein, oh, Frankenstein, Frankenstein
You're gonna get it, you're gonna get it
You're gonna get it, from Frankenstein
That's what I'm gonna shout about
Gonna scream about, I'm gonna shout about, scream about
Scream about, shout about a Frankenstein
Frankenstein, Frankenstein, Frankenstein

I've gotta ask you one question
Do you think that you could make it with Frankenstein?

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