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Wild Boy Remix Lyrics
I buy a bottle just to pour it out
And buy the ring just to show around
Yeah, old [?] on erythang, mo that's me main
Stack cash money, bormain
Who, dip said that burgame
Killer, I don't play around with them word games
No scrabble, no [?] I'm sleepless in seattle
Cause she could be a merchant
Her head game is urgent,
Since Shawty clean me up so good I nicknamed her detergent
Bitches love me, man it's getting to my head
So I'm a kill her pussy, then say it ain't dead
I mean it bitch, I mean it girl
F*ck a bar, I'm trying to buy the world
Drink it all up till a nigga [?]
Clean that up, bitch
Niggas talking like teachers, they praise
Where they do that at?
Niggas talking like preachers, can't save me
Where they do that at?
Niggas talking like speakers, they crazy
Where they do that at?
Only thing that's above me it's my babies

I'm a wild nigga, wild nigga,
I want all the paper, that's why I'm a [?] nigga
I'm concrete, I'm a ground nigga, kkkkkk kpow, nigga
Yeah, that bitch look like Mick [?]
I f*cked her 3 more times nigga, yesterday
Blow so hard, that she just left today
Came quote the pussy good but I [?] main
I do it for the bitches, you hear me homes
I don't f*ck with bitches, let's get it long
You [?] dusty niggas, know you wrong
White powder puff bitch, star fall
Hold up

So fast, punk ass, pussy ass, wild boy
Broke ass, looking ass, looking ass for a tire boy
I'm a country ass go teeth grill worn cowboy
Cuffing ass, call your bitch all day, she right here boy
I f*ck your hoe, I eat your hoe, I love your hoe
I dog your hoe, [?] you call her, she's on the way
I call her, automo
I might just be too wild boy
[?] 12-24 nigga.
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