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Pyro Remix Lyrics
Yo cous, I had to get on it, I had to put some saint Louis on it
White rose, 2 seater, around the [?] eryday in my white beater
Got a bitch from overseas she a sigh seer
5 8 and them heels once in a meter
Yes, even stripe, in them tight clothes
Niggas looking at you but you got a few of those
Yeah, I bet you keep it cool of those
Zebra paint on the whip, I got a few of those

Young, dumb, pocket full of hunds'
She got the kind of whistle, when she blow she make you come
Real lipstick, got that cherry on block
Give a real nigga that pussy you will never get it back
I'm on fire, the night's cold
Black benz, white rose
7 grams, light those
Roll another then I'm dynamite pyro, whuu

Got a bad bitch last name parker
Took her out a few time but normally I poke her
Stay there, stay up on the same page like an author,
It's a lot of hot digits but your match got a sparkle
You know, holler at a nigga if it's true though
Give the bitch the key to mars, nigga f*ck a Bruno
She's all over my head, the rulo
So I bought a matching benz, powder blue though
[?] 12-24 nigga, aha.
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