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One And Only (Polow Da Don Remix) Lyrics
Yo, we cool right?
Na I mean we go back, you know, back before the records, before you went to
College and become this person who you are,
Oh congratulations on that anyway to so,
But for long time it's been something I need to tell you,

You see we've been known each other since we were about this high,
Same elementary, shared the same bus stop,
Even as a youngster I knew you were so fly,
Even back then I knew you were the one,
I watched you grow, I watched your transformation,
Right through school to your current occupation,
It took this long for me to man up and have this conversation,
But f*ck it here it go

I want you
To want me
Girl I need to know that
I could be your one and only
I need you,
To need me,
See you were my worst mistake girl,
And that's why
It's hard to keep my cool when I see you with him,
Cause I really wish that you were right here,
Tell me what's it take to win just a piece of your heart
My only cryptonite is you
That's why anything you'll say I'll do,
So let me stop for a minute take a second to say
Girl you take my breath away
Away, girl you take my breath away
You take my breath away, you take my breath away

They say one's man trash is the next man's treasure,
Or one finds pain and next might find pleasure,
I won't pay attention to the haters now or never,
I don't give a damn, who is be for me, me
All that matters is you are with me now,
All I need to know is that you're down,
Man it's something special with about round around ladies, ride or die
Baby girls,


Man for real lemme tell you somethin
It's like I die a little every time I see you with this guy,
Thinkin to myself why the hell she with that guy,
Why she ain't by my side, we would be so fly,
We would live that life,
The life we used to dream, and talked back then,
Back when I used to pull my BMX up along to your shwin,
See here we are again,
Funny how faith brought my Phantom up along side of your Benz
And still

I want you,
I want you,
To want me
To want me,
Girl I need to know that
I could be your one and only


Yes so, I mean,
Like I said, we've been known each other for along time,
You've seen me go through,
I seen you go through,
We're here now and,
I just that I tell you that, so you got my numbers,
You got my email, you know everything,
So I guess the next message I get from you and let me know what you think
About this right here, alright?
Alright, get home safe!
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