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Nelly Lyrics

Click Clat Remix Lyrics
Got that [?] on my mind, steady driving and more
Ain't no time for stopping, see that green light, let's go
Got that money bag for that money bad, get it all for that low
That exchange and that hand shake, don't count it all in a row
Do a hundred thous quarter mill, half a mill hey
Treat this money like my bitch and I'm a f*ck her eryday
See her ass right and [?] make it hard ass hell to squeeze
I'm blowing all this money, man I'm trying to find a new breeze
Trying you and me to come up, nigga fanned out with that hand out [?]
Real niggas don't stand out
Click clat, we clap it all, desert eagle, 5 o
If you ain't over your city, why the f*ck you all in my convo
Point being it's game time take errthing or take mine
I pause nigga I pause, no draws that's hang time
Calling my accountant tell that bitch I got a feeling
See tomorrow on the news money tall like the ain't [?]
My money, right, my money, bread good, good, good,
Shawty f*ck it, what's so good?
That hair good
Bang, bang, pow, pow, I do my thang thang
Look at me now, now
My money right, money money pass up
Up and away
Face down, ass up, I rip my town, that's where I'm from
So nigga pow pow, bum bum
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