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Michael Owen Lyrics
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Michael owen's magic,
He wears a
magic hat,
And when he plays for England,
He is a decent chap
He scores 'em with his left
He scores 'em with his right
And when he plays the germans
He scores all f*cking night

Michael Owen!
Michael Owen! Michael Owen!
Michael Owen!

Michael Michael Owen
He's tha
greatest guy in history
from the
town of liverpool
he jus loves to
score against ger-man-y

Michael Owen scores the goals
Michael Owen scores the goals

we saw the glint in his eye
as he
looked at the keeper
o-o-o-wen/> we saw the fear in his eye
he saw it was mike
o-o-o-wen/> weee star-ted cheering
stuck the ball in the net
and we
cheered some more
owen (x2)
Sven before he was
knocking on Englands door
we knew
that michael
we knew that michael
could score!

oh michael owen
michael michael
michael michael owen
he gets the
he scores a goal
super owen

when the ball hit's the goal
not sheaer
or coal
mikie owen

Owen give us a goal
give us a goal
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