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John Terry Lyrics
John Terry Chants

Follow, follow, follow
There were
only ten minutes to go
It was
John Terry's goal
That sent us
out of control
And sent Barca out
the Euro!

follow, follow, follow
there was
only ten minutes to go, it was John
Terry's goal that set outta control and
sent Barca out the euro.
follow, follow

John Terry oooooaaahhh
John Terry
He stands at 6 foot
He's captain of Chelsea
John Terry.....

John Terry o o o oh John Terry o o oh

He stands at 6 feet 3, he's
captain of chelsea.
John Terry o
o o oh John Terry o o o oh
He wears the royal blue, he's chelsea
through and through

John Terry, John Terry, John
John Terry, John
Terry, John Terryyyyyyyyyy
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