Murs & 9th Wonder - It's For Real Lyrics

Murs & 9th Wonder Lyrics

It's For Real Lyrics
[Talking: Murs]
Yeah we gon' work on this music
Just, just kill me with music anytime, c'mon
(Ladies and gentlemen) Ladies and gentlemen, (boys and girls) boys and girls
Listen, listen, (it is the return) the return (of Murs Inatra) hahahaha
(The leader of the pack), the chairman of the board
The chief of the game and look
I wanna send this one out to everyone I love
You all been so beautiful to me
Yes, yes, look

[Rapping: Murs]
I'm something like an alien, I don't understand
Your ways and your actions, I'm a different kind of man
I was raised on the block, got saved from the block
Came back to the hood and spent my days on the block
It's the way that I talk, you can hear it when I'm pissed
The way that I walk is something like a crip
With a B-Boy Rasta and a skateboarder twist
The woman that I love, she gotta handle all of this
I'm like ten different dudes rolled into one
I hope she choose to fight instead of choosing run
One minute for your yoga and I'm tryna relax
The next I'm punching walls and I'm on the attack
And I ran some, fought some, caught some, dropped some
Fumbled, then it crumpled and I stumbled on this hot one
And she's so awesome, everyday's a blessing
Put the drama all behind us and we tryna start fresh man

[Talking: Murs]
And man everyday should be a new start
Every time the sun rise, it should erase all the BS you went through yesterday
Ain't no point in tripping about what you went through in the past
Cause you can't change it
So you might as well love what you got and appreciate the moment that you're in
Cause you might not get another one
Pay attention!

[Rapping: Murs]
So many people showed me love when I was in a drought
Eligh's mama let me stay at they house
Back when my own mama, she went and kicked me out
TS mama let me sleep on her couch
Said make a million dollars then you can take me out
I thought that she was so fine, it made me wanna shout
And of course Naomi always tried to pay for everything
Wish y'all got along cause she might get this wedding ring and
You can't have everything
Tripping over little stuff, you never see the better things
And my nosy ass aunty
Will always have my back when none of y'all want me
And y'all get my love, wherever they go
To my mama selling merchand' every LA show
Counting in and counting out, she taught me what it's all about
The best women ever got my back no doubt

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