Murphy Lee - Mad At Me Lyrics

Murphy Lee Lyrics

Mad At Me Lyrics
1 of these girls won't like the other
They gon be mad if they discover
She's n luv and she thinks I luv her
They gon be mad at me [x2]
1 wants 2 settle down I'm like whateva
The other wants 2 marry me I'm like never
(Sorry 4 them but...)

They gon be mad at me (yeah, yeah)

[Verse 1:]
C I'm n luv with a couple of 'em,
Or maybe I like 1 more than the other woman,
C the problem is 1 gotta thousand kids the other gotta thousand bills,
They both got problems kid
1 like 2 smoke, kill, chill, but she still rock heels,
The other like 2 rock ed hardy chucks n pop pills,
Like 'em differently,
Seperate watches from tiffany's,
1 shops at blakes the other shop in italy,
1 sips moscato the other 1 drinks alot tho,
Her t-shirt reads f*ck a glass gimme the whole bottle,
(and her)
She likes me more than she do,
And I could'ntbe with her she'd prolly do my ppl
But being seen with her prolly wouldn't be cool,
Cause she thinks that ery guy is important ppl(that's real talk fam)
I did alot 2 keep erything goin,
But 4 real, on my momma I should tell'em (yeah)


[Verse 2:]
Feel like the whole world mad at me,
I always tried 2 make erything I had happy,
C da problem is 1 gotta better brain the other gotta better body, they both got money mane,
1 like 2 cook meals, clean, wash, and watch kids,
The other like 2 watch t.v. get hi with danielle,
I kno she luv me,
(And the other)
Man I can't tell,
Either she kno about her or maybe she luvin danielle, (oh yeah) oh yeah, n they both kno me so well,
I met them 'round the time city went 2 jail,
I kno ain't no mo pretendin they don't kno yo, usin me 4 money when really they got there own doe,
When I was do-low I had no problem with no hoe,
Not sayin that ya'll hoe's, but I was on my toe tho,
Dog still a gentleman,
Wasn't ready 4 settlin,
On my momma man I'm thinkin bout tellin 'em


[Verse 3:]
Probably need a private I.,
And if I b with her I probably need a better hi,
B4 I make either 1 of these sexy ladies my wife,
They gotta agree they both gon b a special part of my life,
C when I send her 2 da store,
Momma buy erything,
And when I send her she like always keep the change,
And ain't shit change but them ascot checks,
And if they keep questioning bout each other, man they both gon b my x

[talks Murphy Lee: til end]

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