Murder Rape - Miserable Lambs Or Jehovah Lyrics

Murder Rape Lyrics

Miserable Lambs Or Jehovah Lyrics
Crucified by your own mistakes
Condemned by your own weakness
I can't see on it anything like a savior
You are nothing but a jewish myth
A myth that makes his followers as weak as you were

Slaves of servitude
Raise your hands
That's the best you can do
There will be two thousand more years of weakness
The weakness that that keeps passing through generations

Poor lambs
They live to exalt the power of light
But they don't realize they are living
In the most absolute darkness
They can't see that their way
Is to the abattoir

You're really nothing more than miserable lambs
Slaves of the hippie jew
Is this your savior?
Legends and myths fall

Your story has never been more than a jewish tale
A tale that is still supplying the needs of this people
"Chosen" by this weak and impotent jehovah

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