Murder Rape - Hunters Of Christian Souls Lyrics

Murder Rape Lyrics

Hunters Of Christian Souls Lyrics
Disciples of blinded mind and eyes
Followers, like blind ones that walk
Always in the shadows
Disciples of enslavement
Slaves of lie, disciples of life
A life based in ignorance
Slaves of not achieved pleasure

We are your worst nightmare
I see it in your eyes!!
We are the Christian holocaust
The carnage of the divine
The rape of the saints
The pain of the trinity

Open my eyes
Hear my call

We violate the sacred
Slaughtering slaves, sons of Jehovah
You are tied and always tormented
Cowards!! Don't know what it is to fight
I'm your torment

Open my eyes
Show us the truth

We are the sperm of revenge
The prodigy son that came to take
What belongs to him

Tongues of fire, burn and scourge
Your "sweet" soul
Infernal spirits, play and taste
With your putrid carcass

Master of pleasure
Show them what it is to suffer!!

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