Murder Rape - ... And Evil Returns Lyrics

Murder Rape Lyrics

... And Evil Returns Lyrics
And evil returns
Full of anger and spite
Tears of blood
Rip and drop from the sky
Finally the end of the celestial paradise

Lamentation, despair
And screams of pain
These are the smooth melodies
That your ears will be able to hear
Under the command of the Beast

Legions march, pail faces
Are shown by the opaque light of moon
Misery has been sowed
At the womb of earth

Today it's present
Contaminating all the ones
Who possess a "pure heart"

We are the sons of misery
The damned by god
But blessed by the Beast

We are the army of Satan
We are the torment of the nazarene
The damnation of the once virgin
We are the fury of the Beast

Lord of Lords
The annihilator of ignorance
The indestructible warrior
May our battle
Be felt at the ends of the Universe

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