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Made For Me Lyrics
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Made For Me Info:

• "Made for Me" is a single by American singer and songwriter Muni Long, released on September 25, 2023.

•Lyrically, Muni Long expresses her love for her partner and emphasizes their compatibility:

• An official music video premiered on January 17, 2024. Directed by Des Gray and Trinidad James, it sees Muni Long as a scientist building a replica of an ideal man, who is played by singer Luke James. Long has explained, "I wanted to have fun with this video and really think outside of the box. It's my little nod to A.I. mixed with Frankenstein. If you want to find the perfect person in a limited dating pool, you might just have to create them!

• In January 2024, the song achieved virality on the video-sharing platform TikTok, beginning when a woman named Milck Marie used the song in several videos, in which she would sing the pre-chorus ("Twin, where have you been?") and lip-sync the chorus.

From the Album:
Single by Muni Long

September 25, 2023



Priscilla Renea, Jermaine Mauldin, Bryan-Michael Cox, Jordan Orvosh

Jermaine Dupri, Cox, JordanXL

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