Much The Same - Skeletons Lyrics

Much The Same Lyrics

Skeletons Lyrics
Get on your knees, beg for forgiveness, you broke everything and you can't fix it
But you will not admit that you're no saint, a drunk, you steal, you lie
And with a loss of grace you realize you're setting yourself up to take a fall

Looking back on life, does your past still keep you up at night? Can't ever be that way again
Choose to live it wise, make a change to have a better life and never be the same again

No one is an innocent and no one can be called perfect
You've got your skeletons and you're scared to the bone
But I know what's in your head and I understand the old you is dead
You just wonder when this misery will end

Self righteous and hiding who you really are, trying to cover your scars
But they're there, don't deny who you really are
You play the fool when you drown your sorrows at the bar, that life wont get you very far
Can't stand to go on another day, can't stand to look at your own face
Just know that with the actions that you take, you'll never be the same

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