Ms. Sancha - Do You Wanna Lyrics

Ms. Sancha Lyrics

Do You Wanna Lyrics
Throw you hood up if you wanna f*ck do you wanna f*ck cuz ms sancha wanna f*ck Throw you hood if you wanna f*ck do you wanna f*ck (hell ya) cuz ms sancha wanna f*ck. 1-2-3-4 i'm at the door its sancha here and its time to go always livin la vida loca smokin chronic and even coka puttin trick fools up on game putting their puta clit to shame so papi if you down with this give my pretty cad a kiss big boy you feel so gad baddest dick in the neighborhood your had cock is all i wanna get just thinking about you gets me wet so tell your bitch just stay away only with sancha you wanna play i dont give a f*ck bring your homie to let his ass f*ck while im suckin you.
[Chrous x2]
I'm in a platnuim chain and a platnium ring cuz this loca loves flashy thangs pussy so good make ya wanna sang lie down while i ride ya thang. I'm tired of levas pagin me tellin me that they luvin me late at night they dream of me even their bitches wantin me cuz im bad bitch love me some hard dick work that shit till the stick gets lit in-n out with a rabbit flow you got a good girl what it need a hoe? I aint afraid to f*ck i aint afraid to suck even in the ass you know whats up but dont try to play ms sancha for a fool cuz one phone call and your ass is threw.
[Chrous x2]
Talera ana alize gimme a sip of that that will get ya laid take it like a rider would hang with sancha you wish you could please homeboy get off my shit you f*ck with me bitch you need to quit im too down for im hard for you dont take it personal it is this fool this rucas goal is gettin papers stackin fetta and her fakers so do you wanna f*ck cuz i wanna f*ck all the real vatos throw you hood up
[Chrous x2]

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