Mr. Sancho - Why Lyrics

Mr. Sancho Lyrics

Why Lyrics
(feat. Lil Bandit)

[Mr. Sancho]
Please tell me why? Oh, lord
Oh, lord, please tell me why? We can't unite?
All become as one so we don't have to fight

[Verse 1: Mr. Sancho]
Tell me why do I have to go through this?
Tell me why do I have to smoke on this?
To get high and get through all this shit?
Frustration in my mind that I can't deal with I feel it
Gettin' by trying to succeed for my people
Kill the hatin' then blast me when I see you
Your the same color and we the same race
Don't have the same mother, but we came from the same place
Mexicano for life that's what I always style
We put it down for chicanos, we Low Profile
Does it hurt to see your own people succeed?
I think it just a case of jealousy turned into greed
You wanna be the one to make a difference in your race
Put your talent for good use don't hate cause it's a waste
And I'm givin' all the props to the brown
All the ones who be down, ones who bumpin' our sound

[Chorus x2: Mr. Sancho]
Oh, lord, please tell me why? We can't unite?
All become as one so we don't have to fight

[Verse 2: Lil Bandit]
All the pain, the agony, my dad runnin' out on me
Tellin' lies to me, wasn't ever there for me
Times runnin' out, there is no time to waste
Lord, please tell me why I got a gun up on my waist?
It's the life I lead in order to survive
I'll do anything to give my child a good life
No such thing as no one cryin', as there is of no one dyin'
Don't run away from your problems, spend you life flyin' high
Off of drugs, suspended in time
Your problems will be right there waitin', homey don't waste time
And never ever say that you can't, the lord makes anything possible
Turn a negitive a positive and you'll be unstoppable
Have the faith in yourself and be the leader of your destiny
Don't follow the rest or you'll end up in the cemetary
Lord forgive me for my sins and fogive me for my thoughts
Help me through these times of pain, I'll pay whatever it cost


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