Mr. Probz - The Treatment Lyrics

Mr. Probz Lyrics

The Treatment Lyrics
I saw the truth getting killed while they're holding their breath
And now they're looking for the real but there ain't nothing left
So I took a leap of faith like it's part of a test
And now I'm swimming in the deep
With the sharks and the rest of the fishes
Look at my Maker while I'm rolling the dice
They say you only live once but I done came back twice
Reincarnated, triple R-rated
I'm boardroom debated
If you don't love it you got to hate it

Progress will feed hatred
Die like a king, A baby born on a slave ship
Take a second to digest
I know it's all in the game
The rules tatted on my flesh

Family first and money comes second
My eyes on the prize and that title comes next
I work hard and I break bread
And I ain't stopping until I see that gold crown on my head
It's P robz
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