Mortem - Have You Ever Killed? Lyrics

Mortem Lyrics

Have You Ever Killed? Lyrics
Feeling of nausea
You'd like to throw up
Disgust and uncertainty
Smack of blood inside of your mouth
Cold sweat and stupid consciousness
Have you ever killed?
That is the first feeling of person
Who's just killed for the first time
Somebody else is ruling your mind
You've lost control of your body
Beats in your temples
You search for answer why
Justification of guilt
Death face of victim
Have you ever killed?
Hand holding knife was beating by itself
Silent scream and body falls
Body falls to the wall
You can't drop the knife
You're watching he dies
Numbness and fear overcome your body
His hands cover the wounds
His eyes stare at you
Blood drops from your knife
Falls on the floor with tap
You feel bad yourself
'Cause you killed a man
Now your hands in blood
Your mind filled of his death
Do you think you can?
Get rid of all this
I remember I killed a man
It was a terrible thing
Remorse and pity overwhelmed me
It deeply wounded my soul
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