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Mortem Lyrics

Execution For Meat Lyrics
Pile of guts lies on bloody floor
You see bodies gutted and dissected
Without heads are hanging on hooks
Their blood drops down from cut throats
Delectation to roast the human's meat
Digestive parts are ready to cook
Malformation. It's the end of sanity
Wild addiction. Lust of roasted meat
For dinner soup, ripping out the eyes
Sucking out the brain from hole of cracked skull
Sharp blade in my hand pierses into your skin
Warm guts now appear
Cut your heart in two
My clothes soaked with blood
Hungry in my eyers
Mutilation. Necrophagia
Chewing on the liver
Drinking viscid blood
Bodies cut in half
Steam from open stomach
Dark possessed my mind
Blind desire to kill
Execution for roast meat
Unnecessary, unpalatable parts of guts
Pool of blood
Bleeding chunks of flesh spewing pus
Cut heads without eyes
Lie in corner slowly rot
Horrid kitchen. Induldgement
Execution for roast meat
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