Mork Gryning - The Worm Lyrics

Mork Gryning Lyrics

The Worm Lyrics
[music: Goth/Aeon lyrics: Goth]

A deformed mind's illusion, mouldering his senses, depraves his thoughts
A deformed mind's illusion, controlling his senses, controlling his thoughts

I know what you fear
That fear is sanity

The black worm crawls up his cortex
Thoughts no longer sufficient, the parasite must feed
The black worm crawls up his cortex
Controlling his thoughts, controlling his deeds

The worm feeds on thoughts, feeds on lust, feeds on will, feeds on life

A deformed mind's corrosion, trapped and bound to a prison of flesh
A deformed mind's pollution, a wraith of insanity, a decomposing mesh

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