Mork Gryning - Journey Lyrics

Mork Gryning Lyrics

Journey Lyrics
In the four, storming winds of hate, we rise.
When darkness rules in the dead of night - unleash the fire.
The dark one we hail, the sky is red. Now I feel the ancient kingdom.
We're darkness deciples, we'll bring the day of dying. My soul is filled with grievance.
I'm dead now - arise all demons!
As we're flying through landscapes of ice I hear the angels cries - consume them in fire.
We are four horsemen of doom, to all of you.
I shall walk through the endless times and again - I'll meet my master.
The burning diamond, the unseen phantom... the old one...
The horizon is near, we make us ready for the divinity.
The night is dark...a blaze of the northern star. I see the light.
Am I in hell? Death is real and everything turns black...
I arise in the nocturnal sea. I will bring your death.
My soul's not resting in your hierarchy, my place is in hell!

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