Morifade - Nevermore Lyrics

Morifade Lyrics

Nevermore Lyrics
A journey through the ages
Returning to the past
Where ancient cultures fallen
Fear...will we be the last?
Atlantis drowned in silence
And Egypt raised its grave
We've gazed into the unknown our providence
We'll fall from grace
Without a trace
We'll leave this world
To die and to remain so far from here

We've seen the end of all
We've watched the coming fall
This world will be no more
Lost into nevermore
There's no way out of here
There's nothing left to fear
We'll say farewell and then
Lost into nevermore...again

Foretelling words of wisdom
A darkened future view
We'll reach a new horizon will start anew
The realm of Rome was burned out
The Babylonians fell
We'll be the next to enter the pits of hell


This is what the prophets have foreseen
This is the reality
We are damned for all eternity
We can't leave or flee

This is what the ages left behind
This intends the end of time
For a million souls, this world's no more
Soon we'll make a stand in nevermore

A coming war - Will burn the core
And open up the lock to heavens door


Forever...we'll be
A dying legacy
Whenever...we'll be
Lost into nevermore

Forever...we'll be
A piece of history
Whenever...we'll be
Lost into nevermore...again
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