Spin You Around (1/24) Lyrics by Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen Lyrics

Spin You Around (1/24) Lyrics

Spin You Around (1/24) Info:

• Morgan Wallen released a new version of one of his early hits as he lashed back against rumored plans to release a 2014 album against his wishes.

• It is a redux of one of Wallen's breakout hits, "Spin You Around."

• Wallen announced his release via social media, while on a duck-hunting trip. He related the story of how a deal he struck in 2014, when he was 21, went awry. Wallen signed the artist management and recording deal with without legal representation, he said.

• Of those songs, Wallen said five were deemed worthy of the eventual "Stand Alone" EP. The music was released in 2015 by Panacea Records, a Miami-based independent record label founded by Bill Ray and Paul Trust in 1993, Wallen said. The EP includes, "Spin You Around."

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Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen, William Ray, Dirk Hemsath, Sergio Sanchez, Mark Annino, Luke Rice, Dominic Frost, Mike Bachta

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