Michael Jackson - Fall Again (Demo) Lyrics

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Fall Again (Demo) Lyrics
Feels like a fire
That burns in my heart
Every single moment that we spend apart
I need you around
For every day to start
I haven't left you alone

Something about you
Is there in your eyes
Everything I'm looking for I seem to find
All this time away
Is killing me inside
I need your love in my life

I wanna spend, time to live in
I wanna fall with you again
Like we did, when we first met
I wanna fall with you again

Fought in a battle, where nobody won
Left ourselves a mountain to be overcome
You can't run away, past the said and done
I need us to carry on


You tried everything, you never thought of before
When you live, in your love
And you give, in your love
Always give up some more
Nothing here means anything
Never did
I can live, I can breathe
I can die in my sleep
Cause you're always there in my dreams

[Chorus 2x]

(All of the time, here in my heart)

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