M.I.A. - Karmageddon Lyrics

M.I.A. Lyrics

Karmageddon Lyrics
Things do move like sound
Waves do move like round
It done go up and down
It spreads circle bound

Running like a hound Ha!
Look at what I found!
Where they threw me down
Where they threw me down
On ten were on

It's an open ceremony and we all start the same
Cells grow to cellphone, some form stars
Some get put in cells, sex f*cking sells
Know you know the drill so hear me sound the bell
You use new keys to type old deeds
Set up by old needs what world peace
What was in ya read? Yeh what was in ya feed?
Who do you get to with your internet lead?
Things do change and change can have range
System shouldn't operate by sticking me in a cage

Ain't Dalai Lama
Ain't Sai Baba
My words are my armour and you're about to meet your karma
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