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M.I.A. Lyrics

Illygirl Lyrics
Illygirl, Illygirl, Illygirl, Illygirl

Daddy can be rough
That's why I can be tough
Thick skin
Even when it comes to little bit of love.
Around doing stuff
Police put me in cuffs
Eat a dick, damn right,
I am a diamond in the rough

Illygirl, Illygirl, Illygirl, Illygirl

Shirts, tops, tees
I'm always in tight jeans
I know Billie Jean
I know Bruce Springsteen
I also know...
And mujahideen
Playing Tekken on the weekend
Eating mango steamed

Illygirl, Illygirl, Illygirl, Illygirl

Beat beat machine
Trying to stream with my team
I'm forming a bomb

Have you heard my dream?
Even Martin Luther schemed
So I put it down
Then I try to explain what it means
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