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What Happened To Our Hood Lyrics
What Happened to our Hood?
Things ain't the same no more, no more

What happened to our hood?
It used to be all good.
Now everything is out of control.
It hurts me deep inside to see our people dying. Why o Why, why?
We used to play games all night long now all my loved 1's are gone This ain't even cool it ain't even cool

Now I'm gonna tell you how it all got started. We was all young hard headed & broken hearted got caught up in the game, caught up in the hustle next thing you know we comin' with the muscle. Respect for the streets was invented in our souls but that's the way you moved if you wanted to grow old. Sooner or later somebody always caught a case but we was like A students in your mama's face. We knew the rules, respect for the king. My o My how the good can change Every fool you know saying Keep it Real but we was still real w/out our steel. 1 on 1, man to man & after we scrapped we shook hands, for the good of the hood & the hood was good that's what really? we misunderstood?


Now every little thug wanna try to get stripes, but you ain't a man cause ya stole somebody's life, cause there's a bullet with your name on it another young thug wants stripes don't you know it. The world is mad (hardest?) on our kids babies in the ground even tho they could live. Dead and gone in their teenage years by the hands of their peers. The memories so vivid & clear, we'll be missing you for years, we'll be missing you with tears, we'll be wishing you were here. Life & pain they're 1 and the same & all of our lives we'll speak your name. It hurts deep to know that you are gone, it hurts me to have to sing this song.


I gotta move on but moving is hard & I gotta think because of this I found God. Our world will never be the same. My heart will always know the pain and my lips will always speak your name, your face I'll see in the rain. I miss you, miss you, I'll miss you now and for always.

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