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Pacman Lyrics
Maybach Music

There he go that's John Doe
There he go that's John Doe
There he go that's John Doe
And I'm still whipping up a kilo

There he go that's John Doe
On my Pyro Palace turn you bitch niggas to ghost
Pacman - Over one hundred sold
Pacman - just ordered one hundred more
Pacman - you can fry it in a pan
Pacman - in no time you will be buying land
Pacman - do it for your mom and them
Pacman - until I get one hundred in

It's "P" "I" Double "L"
Professional Shit Kicka
Yams on the stove I'm f*ckin your Favorite Strippa
Highs flyin out
Them zips they grew wings
Phone going stupid made a rack in two rings
Straight drop hard got them J's plate licking
Ground basing jumping over cars they blake griffin
Got my chickens in the gym, Yup, they weight Lifting
See one thousand stamped on the tape because they yay shape shifting
That's that terminator choppa make a nigga do a backflip
I can show you how crack flip
While I'm loading that Mac clip
Catch em loading that mack truck
I'll unload til his back drip
All I know is I'm stacked up
And when I'm back them packs in

[Rick Ross:]
One Hundred in
I'm on my Gucci shit
Gucci Luciano bitch you know I'm Gucci Rich
Mazaradi boy I got two of them
Same color boy I just got two of them
10 Chains see I'm one nigmae nigga
I'm a whip it just to spend it nigga
Blew a mill ticket
One night at King Of Diamonds
Me and Puff Daddy
Bitch I'm the king of Diamonds
Small Change that's what we call that
A-Rod money smoking on a ball bat
I'm on the mound, I got a pound
My folks in Haiti say them yayo prices coming down

This that namco yay
Pacman what we selling
Got these J's chasing rocks
Like they chasing power pellets
Met this ladie named Eselis
Say she nag for some terrace
But she hungry for that yayo ask her granny what she yelling
Got my shirt off in the kitchen hot in here like Nelly
And these niggas dancing in these mask don't want stage credit
Just the keys to your car all your cash and your debit card
We serving hard Whole squad equiped and ready
And quit flexing like the soda sack
Before they find you slumped over in a Cul-de-sac
My whole wrist lumped up serving boulder sacks
Pink city representa thought I told you that

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