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Kilo Lyrics
[Hook 1: Louie V Gutta]
I used to pray to get a kilo, a kilo
36 hoes up that route for my amigo
Throw it in that water, watch it swim like Nemo
Man I swear to God I pray to get a kilo

[Hook 2: Louie V Gutta]
Man I got a kilo... a kilo
Better keep that on the low if you got them kilos
You might get booked or get murdered for that kilo
Now I'm steady getting money and this ho wanna f*ck cause she know
I got a kilo
She only want me cause I got em bricks
(Cause I got bricks!)
She only want me when I got bricks
(Cause I got shit!)
Before a nigga I ain't had shit
(Turn up! Turn up! Turn up! Turn up! Turn up!)
She only want me cause I got kilos

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Kilos all on my neck
These niggas ain't no threat
This guy gonna go with our plane
And I ain't comin in no jet
And all I want is straight cash
I ain't even takin' no checks
Cause these hoes don't do credit
And they don't pop pussy if the money on debit
I got them kilos

[Bridge: Meek Mill]
She only want me cause I got bricks
She only want me cause I got shit
Before a nigga I ain't had shit
Man she only want me cause I got kilos

[Verse 2: Meek Mill]
36 hoes in the pyrex
I be going HAM in the project
Got a bad bitch with me and she all that
She ain't nothing but a jump shot, all that
Ya'll second grade fires like arches
I make a brand new flow, you can burn that
Selling all these bricks, need a hard hat
I hit your ho one time, never call back
Say these chickens used to wanna be like Mike
Now these niggas wanna be like me
And these hoes twerkin' on Instagram
Still talkin like they wanna be like BIG
And these dudes ya'll say getting money
Lookin like groupies in the VIP
And if these dudes got all this paper
Cause all these niggas wanna be like me

[Hook 1: Louie V Gutta]

[Verse 3: French Montana]
You ain't got enough on me nigga
44's tucked on me nigga
Long nose like Ginobili nigga
5 rings like Kobe nigga
I was flippin kilo after kilo
Rockin that Versace shit way before Migos
Started with them dams at the project with a stack
Then I flipped it to a brick and then I did the Project Pat
Like, homie what's the problem?
Save me or revive em
Catch a nigga with the bricks, you know we goin' rob em
Once I caught the liquor we was fresh up out the drop
Man the bitches on the corner watch a player like the scout
I said all I wanted was a kilo
All them bitches wanna free love
All I wanted was a drop with the head cracked like Cee Lo
36 them O's nigga
Thousand grams on gold nigga
Power plants at the broke nigga
BC, coke boys nigga
Army come, pistol on me
Smoking on California
10 chains, catch pneumonia

[Bridge 2: Yo Gotti]
Ain't no refunds nigga
Wanna get your money back?
Best bring your guns nigga
And no receipts in the streets
All sales, you know they found a nigga
So if you lose some then it's your loss
If you don't way up then scale off
If you trap right it'll pay off

[Hook 1: Louie V Gutta]

[Hook 2: Louie V Gutta]

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