Maybach Music Group - I Be Puttin' On Lyrics

Maybach Music Group Lyrics

I Be Puttin' On Lyrics
[Hook: Roscoe Dash]
We popping bottles of the pink shit, take 'em to the dome
We ain't ever on that weak shit, always blowing strong
Every day we party until early in the morn'
Put that shit on Instagram so they know I'm putting on
I know you see me, yeah, I be putting on
I know you see me, yeah, I be putting on

[Verse 1: Wale]
Work, I know you see me with your looking ass
What the f*ck you looking at
This is MMG and we don't speak to all you f*cking crabs
Got a bunch of cash, but money is under fam
I'd rather be over-prepared than slippin' here understaffed
Did you understand I'm down to ride with my niggas
Just a double M, you can't f*ck with them unless your certified to ride with us
Keep the broads far above my business and my mind following the ditches
And I ain't tripping off of potential, that's another word for ain't did shit
Work, and I put D.C. on, we ain't been this high since the E.R
See y'all niggas be some peons, talkin bout y'all be gone
Whole time niggas wouldn't swing, playing tee-ball


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Hundred thousands hundred thousands, I be throwing hundred thousands
I know why they trusting me cause I got all these funds around 'em
My fan base consist of niggas with drugs around 'em
Educated sisters to bitches dancing with ones around 'em
I know you think all we do is have fun around here
But I'm from a city where young niggas carry guns
Don't single out any corner, its popping on every one
They talking about what they going do, its probably already done
I'm running through cake, running through states
Take your one to the face every one or two cakes
Just bought a new crib, that's a wonderful space
Ask me how I feel I got it so my nigga


[Verse 3: French Montana]
I be cooler than a motherf*cker
Wanna hit the fans, selling work on the Internet, call it Instagram
And you know I do it for my city, you know I'm putting on
Hundred racks on this clothes, a nigga putting on
Self made, self paid forty on my belt waist
Underground lobster feast get a shell face
I be twisted off of molly doe, chopped bricks karate doe
Closet two floors safari doe
Brown bag paper tag, nigga can't pay for swag
We know we love the game but we hate to brag, Montana
Me and Rozay twisted on a boat watchin' all you f*cked niggas choke


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