Maybach Music Group - God Is Great Lyrics

Maybach Music Group Lyrics

God Is Great Lyrics
(Rockie Fresh)

[Verse 1:]
I be that young nigga from Chicago
'Bout to heat the city up and make it feel like Cabo
Watch these niggas try and take my shine
I told these foolies, hard work and it'll come in time
For now just watch me tell my vision on your television
On MTV and 106 in some of the freshest fits
But I ain't focused on these clothes, I got some goals to hit
Finished the album then I'm working on a movie script
Kenny I got you, and these niggas say they knots is thick
My Goyard got one card that'll take your bitch
No stacks needed, undefeated we ain't losing shit
Bitch, I got options so I'm copping if I choosing it

Yeah, oh man, look at me
I'm becoming everything I wish I be
I got bitches, I got cake
Wake up everyday and I say: "God is great!"
God is great, God is great
See the watch, see the chain, know that God is great
God is great, God is great
Even when these niggas hate, God is great

[Verse 2:]
And as a youngin' I just knew that I was gon' provide
In the G-wagon swagging when I wanna ride
In neighborhoods where I ain't worried 'bout no homicide
Me and my niggas won't fall victim to no kind of pride
Know when to stay humble, niggas thought I was sign and dive
I just started working on tours four and five
Now watch me travel, never tattle, snitches slowly die
You heard it before, but, real niggas only multiply
Strengthen my numbers, friend or foe, the flow ain't got a flaw
Eddie Murphy, I am raw
Vince McMahon, I am raw
I cop it, still it's f*ck the law
Don't be phony, homie, don't be filthy, nigga
Be great, don't hate, get wealthy, nigga


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