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Bout That Life Lyrics
[Intro: Ric Flair]
It's so hard for me to sit back here, in this studio,
Looking at a guy out here hollering my name
When last year I spent more money on spilt liquor
In bars from one side of this world to the other, than you made
You're talking to the Rolex wearing, diamond ring wearing, kid stealing (WOO!)
Wheeling dealing, Limousine riding, Jet Flying, son of a gun

[Hook: Meek Mill & French Montana]
These pussy ass niggas
Ain't bout that life, ain't bout that life (you ain't bout that life) [x8]

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Niggas wanna act loco? Who you with? numerous shots from the fo fo
Young nigga in the low low
Jumpin' out the thing with a little bad bitch like YOLO
44 on my hip line, this time ain't no joke
In the hood where there ain't no hope
Now everybody ridin' dirty like there ain't no soap
Everybody get to rappin' when there ain't no coke
Where the money nigga
Cop 44 a bird where I live at
Probably get the whole load if you get it back
Fish scale when snapped rented rack
Little nigga you ain't stuntin' give that rental back, oh
I like fast cars, fast broads
And my last car was like a Nascar it go vroom, vroom
Then skrr, skrr before I blast off
She go up and down like NASA
Bike life on your bitch nigga
Pop a wheelie all in that pussy she switchin' gears on this dick nigga
Still young, reckless, and rich nigga, yellow diamonds like piss nigga
Stones they glistening nigga, ya'll suckas don't do it like this nigga

[Hook: Meek Mill & French Montana]

[Verse 2: French Montana]
That nigga right there, that nigga right there,
Look at that nigga right there
That bitch right there, that bitch right there
Look at that bitch right there
You ain't bout that life, you ain't bout that
That price tag you ain't bout that
That bitch you love we popped that
That shit talk you ain't bout that
Don't get caught in that traffic
Niggas ain't bout that action
You can keep your chain
My niggas don't want that plastic
Niggas talkin' bout they got mill
Niggas talkin' bout they got wheels
Niggas talkin bout they got skill
He alright, he not real
Got a little flow that's cool with me
Got a little dough that's cool with me
Got a little watch a little jewelry
Them Self Made niggas, Volume 3
That work get through like woo!
Shorty got that Ric Flair pussy like woo

[Hook: Meek Mill & French Montana]

[Verse 3: K Kutta]
I said ya'll would but dope huntin yo business
When the cop pull up ya'll niggas slippin
With the window rolled up
That choppa went to rippin
Choppa went to rippin
Ain't no God, ain't no peace
Yes yo body floatin in blood
Exposed to the skreek
I'm bout that life, I don't play no games
That snitch shit lame
In the booth you know I'm flame
Ross put me in the game
MGB help you kick that bang, that molly game
MMG cut that check, bust a Rollie and a chain
Ya'll niggas played like Reeve Rock
Coast to coast, top to top
Bad bitches suck the cock
In the crib or in the car
Pussy nigga hate guns, I'm a star
Pussy nigga hate like I'm a star
Pussy nigga whip like who you are?
Pussy niggas scared if around my car

[Hook: Meek Mill & French Montana]

[Verse 4: Torch]
You ain't bout that life, you ain't bout that yay
You ain't never seen a brick roll down the whole trades
All I know is gotta play
Hit my nigga Gunplay and everytime broad day
I just stunt in that cage
Adding niggas front page
Keep going, ya'll stay
I ain't try aim everybody in that VIP
Catch a stray and I pull that drop
I done whipped that mazy, I done flipped that lolly
You ain't seen a dead body?
I done earned my dope name
You see the niggas who shot a mane and they own blood
Had to wipe mama tears
She's dreamin I'm dead but a nigga's getting bread
My niggas beat the feds
They never seen the fall of my band
You ain't bout that life, that life
Keep 100 shots in that pipe
200 my dash, 1000 grams of that white
Sky dweller my watch, 2 kilos my Cuban
Course I link my Cuban
You getting money then prove it nigga

[Hook: Meek Mill & French Montana]

[Verse 5: Iceberg]
When they shoot on sight and they sit on tight
But niggas who snipe with that big old fire
Nigga sit on down
You's a goddamn joke, what you out there doing?
You won't get yourself hurt, it's not that movie
These guns really shootin and these badge really movin
I need them M's and ya'll niggas still playin
I'm tryna build my brand
Lil man can't hear daddy got killed for a gram
What the f*ck is you sayin?
I'm tryin to show off my bitches with black bongs
Nino Brown somebody baby mama
F*ck nigga keep talkin crazy
I'm a bag yo bitch and start claimin you doin that uh
All my work from across the border nigga
If he a f*ck nigga I'll f*ckin shoot him nigga
When we pull up hoes get star struck
This live house, MMG
I'm a teach you f*ck niggas to boss up

[Verse 6: Diddy]
Man these niggas ain't bout that life, naw
And this shit they talkin' I got that twice
Bitch I'm Diddy ho f*ck your advice
I said bitch I'm Diddy ho f*ck your life
Ho shut your mouth when you in the presence of kings
I ball like LeBron but I got a couple more rings
I got love for all my hatin' niggas I heard you said some things
You bitch niggas need love too I might take you under my wing

[Verse 7: Rick Ross]
Car expensive, jack a nigga
What they know? I head crack a nigga
Shots fired don't ask a nigga
Gangsta got killed by a rappin' nigga
I'm Michael Corleone
Scarface bitch I got it goin' on
One time for all the feds watchin'
Get inside tips when your money long
Got big, my plan bigger
I'm a die tryna squeeze my damn trigger
Think when you touch that 50 m
Victory white, I got five of them
Pull up on the corner with shinin' rims
Smiling like a nigga when he got a deal
Dying, always on my mind for real
Empire, always what I want to build

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