Maybach Music Group - Bag Of Money (Remix) Lyrics

Maybach Music Group Lyrics

Bag Of Money (Remix) Lyrics
[Rick Ross - Intro]
She Self Made Too Therefore She Winnin
New Money, MMG
Self Made 2
Taking Over The World
C'mon baby girl lets spend this money

My chick bad looking like a bag of hunnid's
My chick bad looking like a bag of hunnid's
I blow it fast so you know I got her stuntin'
I blow it fast so you know I got her stuntin'

Be like Wa-le my stroke game be on point
Ye shawty losing her mind, her composure most of her voice
And she say she hate the word moist but she cant escape from that vibe
Play fight with that cat
Me I kill that pussy 9 times
I slow it down lemme slow it down
Ever since I hit that look at it that shit, I got you pokin' now
Numbers we ain't throwin' down
Not me, no way, no how
Cause you know them screenshot broads always gonna run their mouths
Ok I'm far too drunk I'm not driving
You know open bars are on fire
A little green and white in my pocket
So this song is now "Bag of Mara"
Caught up in the wrong timing
Yeah, Jacob made my medallion
Just post up but don't coach much
But I love stadium talent

Picture, all right colours
Ill let you count my money
Don't you think you own me
You my bag of my money
You my bag of honey
I beez in your trap
While you yellin' f*ck me
I be on some other shit
Maybach O up in this bitch
Tell you about these other niggas
They lying about they figures
I'm bout it, bout it
I pull the trigger
Yall be so lame
I'm killin the game
I be dance in the bank
We so mafioso you ain't never know tho
Never gonna know so
No, Never, no, no, no, nooo


[Yo Gotti]
My-my bitch amazing
Show stopper
Work at the titty club
P-Pussy popper
Top drop white on white 645
I burnt her up from 5 o clock until 6:45
Mr 60 minutes, Mrs Chanel and Fendi
I hit her in the Porcshe
And burnt her up a new Infiniti?
Presidential Rollie, JFK she Mrs Kennedy
Rose gold his or hers, diamonds and furs
Want a little suede, one on one bag
Look like a duffle bag of money
She beyond that
And I'm beyond swag
Young thug nigga, drug dealer
MMG affiliated

[Lil Wayne]
My bitch mad cause I'd rather get that money
I give her this dick she say that dick better than money
I say can I get some head she say lemme get my scrunchie
Serve her like a country
Got that dope dick she a junkie
She say Tunechi this yo pussy
I say tell me anything
Then I suck her nipple ring
Eat that pussy, Listerine
She comin' I make sure
My bitch bad, she'll take yours
And she do tricks on that dick like a skateboard


[French Montana]
I push the drop and let her ride shotty
My bitch bad lookin like a bag of mollies
Hit the crib make a porno
My diamonds flash like photos
500 on my auto
And I bought it out, f*ck car note, haaa
Shawty know exactly who the realest be
Murder that arhh leave no witnesses
Started from the streets, turned to businesses
Dirty bag of money, stack it to where that ceiling is

[Black Cobain]
Rollin up some killer
Ridin' through my city
Bumpin' "Bag of Money” got a bag of money with me
She conceited, she know that, she was down with a nigga before rap
If I had the strap she would hold that
She don't even smoke but she'll roll that
For me she drinkin' Henny, she don't like it though
She f*ck a real nigga cus that's all she know
Make her pop that pussy ho
Make her bring that money back
You niggas couldn't f*ck my bitch if you gave her a hundred stacks


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