Marvin Rainwater - Couderay Lyrics

Marvin Rainwater Lyrics

Couderay Lyrics
Couderay, Couderay, you're a nasty old town
Your face is all withered in a permanent frown
Your women are ugly, your children are mean
Couderay, you're the damndest town I've ever seen

I've traveled this country, and picked my guitar
In tank towns, saloons, and the honky-tonk bars
I've seen all the hell holes, but far and away
The worst of the lot is still old Couderay

You're a musty old place, and a crusty old lot
You've got warts on your face and as likely as not
You steal from your neighbors and water your booze
And your women go dancing in old army shoes


Well it's heartbreakin' baby, you know it ain't right
You know that I'd love to be with you tonight
But I'll be here forever if you don't raise my bail
To get my bones out of the Couderay jail

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