Marty Robbins - Oh Regina Lyrics

Marty Robbins Lyrics

Oh Regina Lyrics
Oh, Regina, do you ever think about me
While you're lyin' in your bed
Oh Regina, oh Regina
Does the one you're lyin' next to
Satisfy you like you said I always did
Oh Regina, oh Regina

While you're makin' love to him
Do I ever cross your mind
Do you remember
The day you left you told me
That inside there'd always be
A burning ember
I couldn't give you rings and things
And pretty clothes you craved
And so you left me
Though you've gone away your memory stays
There's a lot of things
That's never really left me

Oh, Regina when the lights are out
And you're lyin' there beside him
Do you weep
Oh Regina, oh Regina
Does the memory of the things we used
To do together keep you from your sleep
Oh Regina, oh Regina
Oh Regina, oh Regina

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