Marty Robbins - Dont Worry Lyrics

Marty Robbins Lyrics

Dont Worry Lyrics
Don’t worry ‘bout me, it’s all over now --
Though I may be blue, I’ll manage somehow.
Love can’t be explained, can’t be controlled --
One day it’s warm, next day it’s cold.

Don’t pity me ‘cause I’m feelin’ blue;
Don’t be ashamed, it might have been you.
Oh-oh-oh, oh, love,
Kiss me one time, then go, love,
I understand, don’t worry ‘bout me.

(musical interlude)

Sweet, sweet, sweet love, I want you to be
As happy as I am when you loved me.
I’ll never forget you, your sweet memory --
It’s all over now, don’t worry ‘bout me.

When one heart tells one heart, one heart good-bye,
One heart is free; one heart will cry.
Oh-oh-oh, oh, sweet, sweet baby, sweet baby, sweet,
It’s all right -- don’t worry ‘bout me

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