Mantovani - Serenade In The Night Lyrics

Mantovani Lyrics

Serenade In The Night Lyrics
Serenade In The Night
Music and Lyrics by Bixio and Cherubini

Serenade in the night
'Neath a fair lady's window,
Just the same serenade
That I tenderly played
On a night long ago.
There were stars in the sky
And I sang 'neath the roses,
But she gave not a sigh
That she'd ever be mine
And my love story closes.
Oh! why must the south wind be brining it?
Oh! why must my heart keep on singing it?
Serenade in the night
From the past comes to haunt me,
When I hear that refrain,
Oh! my heart aches again
For the lost love of mine
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