Silent Servant Lyrics by M.a.d: Goya

M.a.d: Goya Lyrics

Silent Servant Lyrics
Bloody sun is falling down
I can see him
Walking slowly silent servant lives
For many years
Many feet were sloshing for the years
His mouth full of dust
He carries the pain,silent servant lives
Many years will past……

I'm empty inside my lifeless eyes
Looking through you flying through the endless time
I'm here again here in me
But only me no one else i am alone
Like a silence ... silent servant 2x

1 - 2 - 3 - 4

He is scramming ..aahh
But no one hears him
He will not speak a word
His grief will last
Can you feel servant's suffering
He'll never survive
Silent servant lives but
No one cares no one cares at... last

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