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Mad Cobra Lyrics

Plant It Lyrics
The gal dem love how mi turn it
An she love how mi launch it
Love how mi slant it, plant it
She want it batter an bruise up
Swell up and hurt up
Mek she get scared and nervous

[Verse 1:]
Well Shoulda see the look pon she face
When har eye sway little below mi waist
Sight suppen whey much longer than a shoeslace
Tek off like a rocket heading to space
Well chuh ! Nuh kin teeth nor nuh gum
Sad mi saddle up fi gi a marathon run
Shoulda hear har heart a beat jus like a drum
Style, mi know wi naw dun fi now
Anyway chuh !


[Verse 2:]
Yuh see how mi mek donkey shame
If mi gi no other gal she woulda insane
An she love the way how mi inflict pain
Although it hot yuh know she try fi sustain
Twelve inch gone an plenty more remain
Name write dung inna big limbs hall a fame
Wuck pon di corner di straight an di main
Mad Cobra come fi tantilize all di tame
Mi nuh lame, chuh !


[Verse 3:]
Flesh fi beat up
Slam wi slam dat, rudebwoy nuh eat up
Love di gal dem topic an dem chorus
But mi haffi wuck di belly a di tune fus
Way di tune bad, mi hawl it up and jack it up
She a tell mi, volume fi buck
She nuh waan mi pack up back mi sound pon di truck
Treble ever wicked, bassline tuff
Love how mi wuck Chuh !


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