Mad Cobra - Pet And Pamper Lyrics

Mad Cobra Lyrics

Pet And Pamper Lyrics
Really Make Di man dem haffi stare
Mi dear, mad dem wid di style yuh a wear
Really make di man dem haffi stare
Rohan Irie an bredi dem, so di Cobra say

Mi waan one a dem hot gal deh
Inna dem hot hair style deh
Fi pet and pamper like baby
From yuh know sey yuh look good
Yes an yuh smell good
Hotti gal wave yuh han show mi


[Verse 1:]
Gal yuh get mi inna di mood
Please nuh say mi rude
But mi woulda want fi see yuh nude
Yuh mek di whole a yasso move
Caw yuh shin feel so smooth
Really waan fi know whey yuh a use
A nuff gal get confuse, an a carry news
Yuh nuh watch dat, yuh just cruise... But


[Verse 2:]
Mi must an bound an compel
Mi haffi get a one away link wid Michelle
She alone mi want mi nuh haffi guess mi waan fi spell
She guh buss a smile an same time mi head swell
She nuh waan nuh man whey flex like empty barrel
Yuh haffi can work an treat di body well
And a underneath the bracket, deh di Cobra name fell
Clothes feel, clothes fell well
So the Cobra lust


[Verse 3:]
Hotty Hotty dance pon toe
Yuh have yuh owna place yuh naffi sleep out a door
Independent from yuh little an a grow
Waist line a gwaan good, bring dat round slow
Shorts yuh a wear mek di print start to show
Two hard a follow back a you to an fro
So a want yuh bring round show
So di Cobra lust

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